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Bring your Kettler Ergometer into the era of digital training

side view of the KeAnt

Kettler meets Training Software. Just works.

Kettler Ergometers are great hardware. Unfortunately, connecting a Kettler Ergometer to training software is possible, but complicated and tedious. We didn't like that. So, we fixed it.

Engineered for Ease-of-Use

We've spent a lot of time to make the KeAnt as trivial to use as possible. Now, setup is only about one minute!

Plug it in
  • Plug USB C Cable into Phone Charger
  • Plug KeAnt into the Ergometer Board Computer

Plug-and-Play for Ergometers with PC Port

Kettler Ergometers with the appropriate PC port can connect to Kettler's proprietary PC app. The KeAnt uses the same port to connect your Ergometer to the wider digital training ecosystem.

(Check at the back of your Ergometer board computer)


Connect to BT- and ANT+ Devices

The KeAnt makes the Ergometer compatible with most training software and hardware.
Connect it to your PC, phone, tablet, watch or bike computer, and train however you like it.

These are just some of the apps that work with KeAnt.
Many other apps and devices are compatible.

App has been tested to work with KeAnt by us, but compatibility has not been officially verified

Don't throw it out. Upgrade it.

Many Kettler Ergometers stand abandoned in basements.
Breathe new life into your training bike.
Don't trash it. Upgrade it.

Probably the most affordable way to get into digital training

If you own a Kettler Ergometer, the KeAnt is a no-brainer. Even if you don't, it might still be worth it.

Used Kettler Ergometers are cheap to buy, and - depending on age and quality - can be bought for under 100€, for now. Just make sure that it is with the KeAnt, and you're good to go.

side view of the KeAnt

Enter the Era of Digital Training.

Buy a KeAnt today.

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